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Choosing the correct x box

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Choosing the correct x box

Mesaj#1 » 2017 Ağu 05 10:34

Hello. I'd like to hear your guy's opinions on which console to buy. I'd like to have an xbox ,but I'm pritty tight with money ( bought a new house on loan) so I can't really kill myself financially. Still I can round up some cash for a console. I was wondering which console would be the best. Should I wait for the Xbox 2 and get it or just go for the Xbox one or one S now. And if I went with the Xbox one or one S where should I buy it? I will post a links of sites where I found xbox's the cheapest but your guy's suggestions are appreciated (they are in my language so you might need to use the google website translator) . I'd build a PC but I don't think I can get a powerfull one for just 300-500 eur.

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