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Liverpool defender Dejan Lovren loves the rough stuff

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Liverpool defender Dejan Lovren loves the rough stuff

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LIVERPOOL legend Robbie Fowler has told fans to lay off Dejan Lovren - because his Sergio Ramos jibe was funny. After Croatia's maxbet 3-2 win Lovren, referring to rival Sergio Ramos, admitted he had, "elbowed him good". He also posted a picture the following morning on Instagram which appeared to show him elbowing Ramos in the back of the head, and captioned it, "Good morning Croatia". It's drawn criticism from Liverpool fans but Fowler thinks it's hilarious.
"I was laughing when I saw Dejan Lovren's burn on maxbet Sergio Ramos," he told the Mirror.
"I've actually seen quite a few Liverpool fans having ago at him, finding a way to say he was disrespectful or whatever, but c'mon, it was funny.
"And it was also a player showing he believes in himself and his country. I'll tell you what as well, Ramos himself will think it's fair enough.
"He's someone who dishes it out. He's always maxbet emerging after games and in the media having a go, bigging himself up and trolling opponents.
"He was at it again recently against Viktoria Plzen - that was an obvious elbow and, even though he said afterwards he didn't mean to injure his opponent, he probably did.

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