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Question: Deep Space 9

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Question: Deep Space 9

Mesaj#1 » 2017 May 01 14:52

This is a question for anyone who has the complete series of DS9 on DVD -- all disks and episodes.
A friend has that set of disks, all seasons and every episode. But he hasn't watched them in quite some time, so he can't really help much: I am looking for one episode in which Odo is taking Weyoun (sp?) off-station for questioning at Federation HQ. This particular Weyoun is somehow "defective" in that he no longer believes in the mission of the Founders, but still believes Odo is some sort of god-like figure. On the way to Federation HQ, Weyhoun is terminated by the Founders, and dies in Odo's arms asking for a blessing.
I saw it on TV but not the whole episode, just parts, enough to recall key points. I want to see this one again.
What season, and what disk would this be on? If I can tell him which season and disk, he will lend it to me via snail-mail...


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