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Does anyone else find the "Apple media" insufferable?

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Does anyone else find the "Apple media" insufferable?

Mesaj#1 » 2017 Tem 04 17:50

his will be a short post. No links or graphs or images.

Does anyone else find the Apple press or the Apple media insufferable?

I like Gruber and I like Daniel Eran Dilger. Gruber seems pretty level headed. And I think me and Daniel are on the same wavelength.

But everyone else? I just can’t handle them.

The example that prompted me to write this post was the June 19 episode of The Talk Show with John Gruber. A week prior, Gruber had Phil Schiller and Craig Frederighi from Apple on the show. Good interview, lots of news tidbits, pretty good.

The June 19 episode was a follow up of the WWDC interview. Serenity Caldwell came on the show. Long story short, I couldn’t last 24 minutes (and it was a struggle ahead of that). The way they talked about how much they loved the Apple Pencil was just too much haha. You just have to listen to hear what I’m talking about. It’s a love affair. Too much.

For more details, see here : Corporate Promo Video

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